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One of the benefits to belonging to the Ozark Fly Fishers is the yahoo group. This is a direct line of communication with all the members and club officers. Like any other club function the more the merrier. The yahoo group is closed to non members to keep the spam and other bad things that go hand and hand with the internet under some control.

The yahoo group was set up for the clubs members to use it to get or post there fishing reports, pictures or thought on club functions. The officers use the yahoo group to get information out to its members is a very quick fashion. Other member use it to ask fly fishing questions about everything fishing. The question goes out to all the members that are on the yahoo group pulling from a very large sours of information. A lot of the club sponsor fly shops and guides use the yahoo group to stay connected to the membership. So in the nut shell it does not cost a member to join the yahoo group but the benefits will enhance your fun in the club.

How to become a Ozark Fly Fishers yahoo member is easy.

  1. Create a Yahoo account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Go to Yahoo Groups. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ozarkflyfishers/
  3. Look for the button on the Ozark Fly Fishers page that ask you to “JOIN THIS GROUP”.
  4. This will send the moderator an email of your request to join.
  5. In the email you must put your name and time as a member.
  6. You will be admitted to the yahoo group as soon as that email gets to the moderator.

That is all there is to becoming a member of the yahoo group and be a part of the Ozark Fly Fishers membership community.

Thank You

Mike Swederska

Please call me if you have an questions on how become a member of the group.

314-645-5540 office 314-799-1998 cell

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