Ozark Fly Fishers Classes


Mike Ott ( is our fly tying chair and point of contact (POC).  Mike normally ties before all scheduled monthly sessions; at selected events, our outings along with our other club experienced tiers, and our yearly Marlins Social/Tying Experience.  Contact Mike for anything to do with tying, material, questions or instruction.  



St. Louis County Parks and Recreation

Parks Fishing Lake
Below is the St. Louis County and City links to Fishing Spots.
No Classes are currently being offered by the City or County.

North Area
·         18 - Bella Fontaine
·         29 - Fort Belle Fontaine
·         34 - Sioux Passage
·         39 - Spanish Lake
·         40 - Veterans Memorial
West Area
·         2 - Creve Coeur
·         38 - Queeny
·         9A - Sherman Beach/Al Foster
·         57 - Simpson
·         7 - Tilles
·         53 - Unger
·         5 - West Tyson
South Area
·         35 - Bee Tree
·         41 - Cliff Cave
·         61 - Lower Meramec
·         28 - Suson
·         45 - Winter, George
St. Louis County Fish Camp 
·         June 15 to 19
·         July 06 to 10
Where at various County Lakes see the County Web site for additional information.

St. Louis City
St. Louis City Parks and Recreation
St. Louis City Forest Park
Discover Nature
Missouri Discover Nature Fishing
Missouri Steam Team
 Busch Conservation Area


Ed Heist FFF TU ( is our chair and the point of contact (POC) for all fly fishing related videos either on DVD or VCR; we are continually converting our VCR tapes to DVD.
Please contact Ed for any Video you may want to borrow and enjoy on a wide variety of Fly Fishing subjects.


Brian Ellis CFM FFF SA TU ( is our casting chair and point of contact (POC) for fly casting.
·         Casting instruction is provided 1 hour before our meetings at Queeny Park on the lawn south of the parking lot across from the recreation complex.
·         Casting instruction is provided at all outings on upon request to Brian via email.
·         If you have a serious question or not to serious question contact Brian.


Stream Team

Scott Darrough, Stream Team 31 Coordinator and Conservation Coordinator/Director, can be reached at 636-285-4550 or