Casting Tip November/December 2017

by: Bill Armon CCI

Tenkara Cast


Most of this information is from the book “Tenkara”.

The grip: Usually finger on top of rod so as to improve accuracy. Because power is not usually required for Tenkara the v grip or thumb on top is typically not needed but may be used.

The stance:  Any balance stance.

The stroke: First of all remember our definition - Casting Stroke – 1 full cast, a backcast followed by a forward cast – power applied by the rod to the line in order to form a loop. In Tenkara casting, forming a loop is still important.  Casting Arc - Change of the angle of the rod (most appreciated at the butt) between a back cast and a forward cast or any casting stroke. This definition does not change. The back cast is typically aimed higher and the fore cast is stopped sooner.  Stroke Length – The distance the hand or the rod tip travels within or during a casting stroke. With Tenkara this is usually a shorter distance.

Loop Formation – still a primary goal and all the methods for forming a desired loop still apply.  The usual overhead casts will be most used, but the roll cast, bow and arrow cast, and underhand cast are also available to the Tenkara practitioner.

Lastly, do not overpower your casts and remember accuracy is essential to tenkara most effectively.



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