Casting Tip October 2012

by: Bill Armon CCI

At this year’s fly fishing fair (i.e. conclave) in Mt Home Arkansas I attended continuing education classes for certified casting instructors as well as classes designed for everyone with an interest in casting. The topic for one of the classes was 5 things that will improve your casting.

1) Start low and start slow.
2) Pause too long on the back cast NOT too little.
3) Use a loose rod grip to start then squeeze the grip at the hand stop position. Do this on both the fore and the back cast.
4) The thumb should be parallel to the water/ground at rod stop position on forward cast.
5) Practice should have a purpose. It is best to isolate a particular principal / skill to work on. Make your sessions 15 minutes every other day.

Over the next few casting tips we will analyze each of these 5 principles that will dramatically improve your casting; this month the first one.

1) Start low and start slow!

When you begin your cast the rod tip should be on the ground or on the water. Six inches above either is significantly too much. Make this become a habit. This can be a purpose for practice sessions.

Start slow – lift the rod inch by inch (literally), without bending the wrist. When the fly line / leader junction starts to move begin to increase your speed, going faster and faster until you reach the rod hand stop position. Starting low and slow will prevent slack in your line and help with correct application of power. Thanks to David Diaz Chairmen of the Board of Governors of the FFF’s casting instructors certification program for an excellent class at this year’s fair.

While I will not be at this month’s meeting casting on the lawn will start a 6 (or sooner) as usual

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