Casting Tip September 2013

by: Bill Armon CCI

Forming Controlled Loops

Being able to form a controlled loop is often a problem for casters.

I have never found a way to describe the loop in words that is universally or easily understood. It was not until I finally understood what a loop was (thank you Lefty Kreh) that my casting started to improve.

Some of the descriptions in the literature are: The open-ended form of the unrolling fly line, off the tip of the rod. Or, “a bend of line that flies off the rod tip after each stop.” Then there is “the loop should look like a candy cane that is unrolling.” Another is “as you come to an abrupt stopping of the hand the line will unroll off over the tip of the rod”

To form a loop the rod hand must accelerate to an abrupt stop so that the rod can unload forming a loop. A cast that does not have a good stop will not have a good loop. One “trick” for forming loops is to keep the wrist as firm as possible.

Another helpful tip is being able to watch the back cast to see if a loop is forming. When practicing loop formation an open stance that allows the caster to watch the backcast is helpful. To become a good caster knowing what a loop is and how to control loop formation is a necessary skill. If you are not sure please come to one of our practice sessions before the meetings to work on this.

The club casting instruction, on the lawn before the meeting, usually occurs from 5:30 to 6:30 daylight permitting.

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