Casting Tip August 2017

by: Bill Armon CCI

Loops & Loop Control


Loops and loop control: it is my belief that being able to make and control loops is the key to improving casting skills. Therefore, it follows that understanding what a loop is is essential. (thanks President Clinton).

Here are some thoughts on loops from published authors.

1)       Left Kreh – “unrolling the fly line to the target”
2)       Mel Krieger – “A good casting loop is formed by decisively stopping the rod at the end of the casting stroke”
3)      Joan Wulff – “Loop size is relative and is the distance between the upper and lower levels of the unrolling line”
4)      Macauley Lord – “When you watch someone else cast, you’ll see a bend or loop of line fly off the rod tip after each stop of the backcast, forward cast, and roll cast. This loop is the vehicle for the line’s progress. Its unfurling is what straightens the line behind and in front.”
5)      Jason Borger – “The general shape the fly line takes as it unrolls, after a cast has been made.” “What is a good loop? To put it directly, good loops are entirely situation dependent”. 
Loop formation is the key. Knowing what the loop is and understanding how it is formed is the key to fly casting. Once you can form a good loop at 40 feet your casting skills will only be limited by your desires to advance.


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