Casting Tip August 2016

by: Bill Armon CCI

Double Haul

Double Haul – What does it do?  Does it just increase the line speed? What does increasing the line speed do?

The haul does speed up the line. It also increase the bend in the rod and reduces, that every present enemy of casters, – slack.

Faster line speeds conserve energy throughout the fly cast. ( This is why double hauling short cast is beneficial.) Double hauling leads to tighter loops, easier casting into a wind, and longer casts. It can also lead to more casting faults (especially tailing loops) if done incorrectly.

It is my opinion that before a caster should attempt to double haul they should be able to cast at least 40 feet of line with a tight loop. If you cannot cast 40 feet, with a tight loop, practice this first and your double haul will be much easier to learn.

When to haul? After you start to accelerate the rod and while the rod is still loaded. Do not forget to give line back to the cast or you cannot double haul. (Mel Kreiger’s “down / up”)

If you would like to learn more about double hauling come to the club’s practice sessions before our monthly meetings.
A second tip this month – website. I found this site from a discussion thread of bamboo rod makers. Check it out, seems to have a lot of good thoughts on fly casting, fly tying, and fly fishing in General.


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