Casting Tip August  2014

by: Bill Armon CCI

Aerial Mends Continued…

A mend is placing the fly line upstream or downstream of the fly. A mend is most often performed after the fly and line are on the water.The reach cast is a mend that is performed before the line lands completely on the water. Therefore this is an aerial mend.  An aerial mend is a movement of the line done after the power stop and before the line lands on the water.  The line can be made to move by a full arm movement (as an extension of the rod) or it can be caused by a simple twist of the wrist, or any movement in between.The sooner after the power stop this movement is made the farther the mend will end up from the caster and the closer it will be to the fly.  The more dynamic the movement is the more dramatic the mend will become. 
The aerial mend is an intentional shock wave put in the fly line during the follow through phase of the cast.  For a practice challenge try throwing a curve cast with an early aerial mend, ending with a reach mend. And remember, after the current straightens out all of this, an on the water mend can be made. 
A mend will affect the way the fly drifts, drags, or swims in the water.
Casting on the lawn will start around 5:30 PM prior to the meeting. Hope to see you there.

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Bill Armon CCI


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