Casting Tip July 2013

by: Bill Armon CCI

Identify Your Bottleneck

Last month’s tip was going to be come to our club’s annual casting/BBQ meeting and get an instructor to give you one point of your cast to concentrate on improving. The idea is that in all skills there is normally one part that is most limiting the improving of that skill; a bottleneck so to speak. If an instructor can identify this part of the cast and the student can then “open the restriction” the entire flow improves. But, then a new part of the skill becomes the limiting factor. The student then improves that and ---- you get the idea. One part of the cast at a time improves until the caster reaches the level of casting desired.

To start this process the skills/parts of casting that can become “bottlenecks” need to be identified. However, this is no easy task as casting is a very complicated skill at its most advanced level. I will start with the very basics and will delve deeper as more newsletters come out.

The very basics that must be correct are: Stance, Grip, Stroke, Arc, Timing and Power Application. Stance, grip, arc and stroke have more than one option which can be correct. Timing and the application of power need to be correct regardless of the stance, grip, arc or stroke that is used.  Which, if any, of these basics are your bottleneck?

So, get together with one of the club’s certified casting instructors and ask – “what one thing can I change that will most improve my casting. This then becomes practicing with a purpose.

Please come to our club casting practice sessions beginning about 1 ½ hours before the meeting. Bring your rod and line and we can work on any problem you are having, or we can work on a new skill. If you have never cast before we love to teach people without bad habits. We will stop early enough that everyone can get to the meeting in time to get raffle tickets and a good seat.

If anyone has a topic they would like to see discussed send them to and they will appear in a future newsletter.

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