Casting Tip June 2016

by: Bill Armon CCI

Forming a Loop

The most basic concept of fly casting is forming a loop!

Loop formation should be the primary goal of all beginning casters.

A good loop looks like a “U” turned on its side. It should be as aerodynamic as the wing of an airplane. When a loop is about to finish unrolling it looks like a candy cane.  The smaller the distance between the top arm and the bottom arm of the loop the tighter we say the loop is. When PRACTICING we try to get loops as tight as possible.

The rod tip should travel in a straight line.

The stop is one of the main components of loop formation.

The stop comes after a smooth acceleration. Do not shock the rod tip when you change directions going from the backcast to the forecast. How much acceleration is needed depends on how much power is needed to make the cast. The stop regardless of the amount of acceleration needs to be sudden and powerful. This should be done with a firm wrist to help prevent opening the loop.

Any questions please bring them to the casting meeting June 23rd, and the instructors present will help.

Forming a good loop is the foundation


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