Casting Tip May 2013

by: Bill Armon CCI

What is smooth ??

Last month the word smooth was mentioned, but what is smooth?

The reason a smooth cast is important is related to slack in the line while casting. If there is slack in the line there is basically no pressure on the rod. If there is no pressure on the rod, it is unloaded or not working. (This all happens in microseconds.) The result a caster will see is a wavy line. Each wave represents a dip or jump in the rod tip. The dip or the jump in the rod tip is caused by not being smooth.

The goal is to accelerate the rod tip for the entire casting stroke but the motion MUST be smooth. This is most difficult when the caster makes the change in direction from the back-cast to the forecast. If casters watching the rod tip when the directions of the rod tip changes, he or she should see the tip of the rod the entire time. The only time a caster may not see the tip of the rod is at the stop when the rod is unloading. This is a good practice exercise - try and follow the tip of the rod throughout the casting stoke while false casting.

Please join our club casting practice sessions beginning about 1 and ½ hours before the meeting. Bring your rod and line and we can work together on any problem you are having, or we can assist you in developing a new skill. If you have never cast a fly line before we love to teach people without bad habits. We will stop the casting sessions early enough so that everyone can arrive at the meeting in time to get raffle tickets and a good seat.

If anyone has a topic they would like to see discussed send them to and they will appear in a future newsletter.

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