Casting Tip April 2019

Just back from 2019 Sowbug Roundup. While there I attended a class about Tenkara rod fishing with streamers. This gave me a thought. One of the points the speaker made was to identify the difference between Tenkara and Tenkara Rod Fishing.

• “Tenkara” - Fishing for trout on high gradient mountain streams with Tenkara style fixed line rods.
• “Tenkara Rod Fishing” - Using a Tenkara fixed line rod to fish for anything anywhere.”

The speaker, from Badger Tenkara, fishes streamers with his Tenkara rod. He had photos of everything from muskie to trout taken on Tenkara rods. You may ask what does this have to do with casting? When it comes to casting, the similarities between euro nymphing and Tenkara rod streamer fishing became apparent. Both methods depend on a line with as little slack between the caster and the fly as possible. Also, both cast a line very different from our traditional fly lines. Both methods (when casting streamers with a Tenkara rod) require a type of constant tension cast. This is a modified version of the Belgium cast. Next casting tip will discuss the constant tension cast.

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