Casting Tip April 2013

by: Bill Armon CCI

Application of Power

This month marks the start of the 4th year of “casting tips”. The theme for the next few tips will be back to basics. We just completed teaching the casting portion of the St. Louis County sponsored class. The number one problem (at this class) seemed to be when the application of power should occur.

The rod must accelerate throughout the entire casting stroke on both the forward cast and the back cast. In translation this says “save the power for the end of the cast”. This tip is from Tim Rajeff’s 6 basic rules of casting. While saving the power for the end of the casting stroke a caster must be SMOOTH!!! No jerking on the fly rod when you change directions or that most disastrous of casting disasters will occur – SLACK !!!Save the power for the end of the casting stoke, while being smooth, and your casting will improve.

Casting practice and instruction - on the lawn before the meeting. Come and get help with basics or advanced techniques.


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