Casting Tip March 2019

Devin Olsen gave an excellent presentation in February. At lunch, he and a couple of club members were talking about casting. Devin brought up an interesting thought. He has found while in all other sports (e.g., golf, archery, baseball) everyone plans to practice before they play or compete. However most fly fisherman seldom or ever practice. Why? We need to practice!
Following is a partial reprint of a casting tip from 2014: One of the best tips for practicing casting is to practice often for short periods. This proves to be much better than long sessions where the caster gets tired. Fifteen to twenty minutes at a time is plenty. Always practice with a target. Targets should be placed at 15 to 60 feet. A trash can makes a fun target – hover your fly above it and drop it into the can. Place a rope or two on your lawn and keep your cast between the ropes or parallel to a single rope.  Set up a saw horse with the target behind it to imitate a cast under a “branch” to reach a fish. Get one of the inside casting yarn-based outfits to practice with. They really do work. Casting as Devin recommends for his style of tactical fishing will require even the best casters to practice before they fish this way for the first time.
 Daylight savings time starts March 10th. Therefore, we will meet about an hour before the meeting to cast on the lawn. This month that will be at Christian Community Church. The casting lawn will be right by the door to the meeting room. Hope to see you there

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