Casting Tip March 2014

by: Bill Armon CCI

More Casting Terminology 

More terminology this month!  Next month casting on the lawn before the meetings will begin again. The terminology given over the last two newsletters will hopefully help with instruction by improving communication between instructors and students.

⊕ Straight Line Path of the Rod Tip (SLP) - The tip of the rod should move in a straight line during the casting stoke until the stop occurs.  The flex in the rod will change depending on the cast being made but the tip should travel in a straight line to avoid a convex or concave path off the rod tip. A good SLP produces a classic (i.e. good) loop.

⊕ Concave Path of the Rod Tip - The path of the rod tip has a “dip” in it. This produces a tailing loop.

⊕ Convex Path of the Rod Tip – The path of the rod tip is “rounded” above the caster. This produces wide loops.  (This “fault” is also known as the windshield wiper casting stroke.)

⊕ Power Application – The smooth acceleration of the fly rod during a forward or back cast.

⊕ Loading the Rod - Getting the rod to bend in resistance to the fly line size.  The more a rod flexes the greater the load on the rod.

⊕ Rod Straight Position (RSP) – This is the point in the cast where the line speed overtakes the rod tip speed and a loop is formed.  This is after the rod has unloaded but before it counter flexes.

⊕Translation – Straight movement of the rod hand.

⊕ Rotation – Rotating movement of the rod butt.

Hope to see everyone who is interested in becoming a better caster come out and practice before the meetings. New members especially are welcome! If you don’t want to cast join us for the tall tales and camaraderie.

Times are from about 5:30 to 6:30 so that we can all be at the meeting in time to get raffle tickets and a good seat.  

If anyone has a topic they would like to see discussed send them to and they will appear in a future newsletter.

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