Casting Tip February 2015

by: Bill Armon CCI

The Most Important Concepts

The most important concept/skill in casting is the ability to throw and control loops.  If a caster can make good loops the caster is efficient. The style, timing, grip, stance or any other part of the cast may be “off” but if the loop formation is good the caster is on the way to becoming excellent.

Let’s start with definitions we will use throughout the discussion of loops. As always seems to be true with fly casting these definitions are not agreed upon by all experts.

Narrow (tight) Loop – The fly leg and the rod leg of the loop are close together and usually parallel to each other.

Wide (open) Loop – The fly leg and the rod leg of the loop are not parallel to each other and usually are not straight.

Tailing Loop – The fly leg and the rod leg of the loop cross.

Casting Stroke – Movement of the hand during the fly cast.

Casting Arc – The change in the angle of the rod during the cast.

Fly Leg – The upper leg of the loop. (Ends at the fly)

Rod Leg – The lower leg of the loop.  (Starts at the rod tip)

Some thoughts to ponder for next month’s tip. What happens prior to the stop of the rod hand determines the shape of the fly leg. What happens after the loop starts to form determines the shape of the rod leg. The relationship between the casting stroke, the casting arc, and the rod bend, are the essentials for controlled loops.

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