Casting Tip February 2014

by: Bill Armon CCI

Casting Terminology

I thought it would be good to go over some fly casting terminology.  Every endeavor seems to eventually develop its own definitions / terminology. Some of the terminology is obvious some is not obvious at all. The FFF has tried for years to come up with standard and consistent terminology so that all of its instructors could use the same language. As I understand it, some of the most controversial discussions at these meetings have, to say the least, been heated.  Therefore while the jury is still out on final definitions listed below is some of the terminology and one of the possible definitions. We will discuss specifics in future newsletters.

Casting Stroke – 1 full cast, a back cast followed by a forward cast – power applied by the rod to the line in order to form a loop.

Casting Arc - Change of the angle of the rod (most appreciated at the butt) between a back cast and a forward cast or any casting stroke.

Stroke Length – The distance the hand or the rod tip travels within or during a casting stroke.

Loop - A moving length of line, that resembles a candy cane, which is formed by the rod tip motion. It has three parts; a top leg, a curve, and a bottom leg.    

Drift - The (hopefully) powerless repositioning of the rod after power is applied to the line and a line direction has been set into motion.            

Creep – An unintentional movement of the rod in the direction of the next power application. (This is a common fault and results in a short stroke length.)   

More definitions will be in the next newsletter.  The two main sources for these definitions have been     “sexyloops” and “virtual “

Quick note: if you have not seen and heard Gary Borger our next meeting should be a must. He is not to be missed as he is one of fly fishing and fly casting’s greatest personalities! 

If anyone has a topic they would like to see discussed send them to and they will appear in a future newsletter.

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