Casting Tip January 2015

by: Bill Armon CCI

Back to the basics.

For the New Year let’s start out with the basics again. It has been a while since we covered these principles.

The end of your fly line must move early in the casting stoke. A cast cannot be made if the weight of the line is not bending the rod. The rod does not begin to bend (load) until the fly begins to move. Therefore, always start a cast with the rod tip low - near the water (or ground if practicing on the lawn).

Slack is your enemy.  If there is slack in the line the rod is not under tension. No pressure on the rod equals no load on the rod equals no force to cast the line.

Be Smooth! Any jerk on the rod tip will put a shock wave in the line which can lead to slack in the line or a tailing loop

Timing - Know when to change from a backcast to a forecast. Poor timing can put slack into the line.

Apply the power at the right time! This is done with the stop of the rod hand NOT the start of the casting stroke.  This may be the most difficult concept for casters. The power is in the speed and force of the stop - NOT the start.  A smooth acceleration to a fast hard stop of the rod hand is what is needed. The amount of power should be appropriate for the distance of the cast and the wind etc.

Learn to throw a good loop. This can be a wide loop or a narrow loop but a caster must understand the concept of the loop and be able to control it.

Casting on the lawn will start again this spring. Please plan on coming before the meetings to learn about loops, the single most important concept for learning to cast well. Hope to see everyone at the annual banquet, always a good time!

If anyone has a topic they would like to see discussed send them to and they will appear in a future newsletter.




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