Casting Tip January 2014

by: Bill Armon CCI

Tailing Loops

The last casting tip promised THE answer on what causes tailing loops.  See the October 2013 newsletter.  The “final” word as told to me, direct from the mouth of one of the FFFs best casting instructors.

97% of tailing loops are caused by the inappropriate application of power.

However to pin things down more precisely is nearly impossible. The most common errors in the application of power is starting the change of direction too quickly and/or too powerfully. Any motion that causes the rod tip to not be smooth may end up causing a tailing loop. . A sudden, powerful move to change direction will cause a tailing loop or will result in a poor cast if measures are not taken to prevent a tailing loop.

Therefore the resolution for all caster for the New Year: May we have slow accelerations to a hard stop of the casting hand, and a smooth change of direction, all the while maintaining a straight line path of the rod tip.

May the New Year find you casting 90 feet with your new bamboo rod.

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